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About the Authors/Illustrators & their Blogs

Author Kristie Finnan

Kristie FinnanKristie Finnan was inspired to write her book when her daughter clip clopped around the house in her high heel shoes one morning before work. 

Kristie is a full time working mother of three who understands first hand how parents and children can struggle with separation and busy schedules.  In this current controversial environment with stay-at-home vs working moms, she hopes to create a certain harmony across all groups of moms with her book while helping kids feel good about all the shoes Moms have to wear. 

She admits she loves a great pair of heels, but not more than getting messy kisses from her icing covered kids after a good cupcake.  Kristie has been donating proceeds from her book to giving micro-loans to women entrepreneurs in third world countries.  She lives with her family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. You can visit her online at


 Illustrator Pat Achilles

Pat  Achilles Illustrator Pat Achilles, who wears mostly comfortable flats and casual shoes, has a newfound appreciation of shoe lovers. A mother of two teenagers, her sense of humor comes in handy for the challenge of integrating a freelance illustration career with a family full of singers, actors, and comedians.

 Pat also lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, daughter and son, where she creates her own line of funny greeting cards and cartoons.  

You can visit Pat at and where she continues to make us smile with her illustrations!

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